Saturday, April 19, 2014

Greatest romance fantasy and something I crave a lot.

Let's not talk much about the post title. Let's go directly to the answers. Okay, so I had this Blog Challenge years back and I haven't finished them yet til now. I decided to continue and since I don't have anything to post here yet. 

I have been really craving for an HD camera. I've blog for a couple of years now and you know what's my big dilemma? quality photos and shots! I'm tired of editing photos to at least improve the quality. I want a camera that barely needs editing. To lessen the workload and for easy blog life! <3

And greatest romance fantasy is...
No I'm not talking exactly about Final Fantasy, but I mean.. who doesn't like them?

I actually don't have any particular answer but this is what came out in my mind after a few minutes of brain storming lol! I've always been a fan of adventure, fantasy- fictional movies and anime since I was a kid. I remember myself living and wandering around a beautiful floating castle, wearing grand dresses, off course with a crown ; riding in a beautiful carriage. Sometimes having horseback riding, being a little sneaky to go around the castle to see the people and the great views from the mountain. And having the power to control the water and wind. That's my greatest dream *wink (since avatar) Can you picture me out? I'm a Goddess/Princess. So from here, maybe I'll meet the one (regardless of his walk of life) in that magical - perfect moment under the moon and stars. To make the story interesting, he comes from another world who's intention is to retrieve something they own long before. Unknowingly, fell in love with the beautiful princess and discovering a mystical secret of the palace that tore him apart. Its a whirlwind -roller coaster ride of love story that went against all odds. Something really extraordinary from the real world. It maybe just a typical fantasy story but just imagine yourself being like the Princess. Isn't it amazing?? 

Tell me about your greatest romance fantasy too :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Summer Smile

Have you hit the beach? Summer time means beach time! bikinis, shorts, cover ups, maxis, sunnies and a lot more, get them ready packed! seems like everything is ready right? well, I think you are forgetting something. SMILE. That's the most important thing. Wear it wherever you go and you are good to go! You might be someone else's reason to smile too! *wink

Recently browsed an online shop that caters our smile needs -AiDentist. It focuses on selling high quality dental equipment and facilities. Here are a couple of things they sell.

Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Suppliers 

Dental Handpiece For Sale

Marathon Micro Motor Dental

Dental Curing Light For Sale
Ultrasonic Cleaner Dental

Dental Intraoral Camera Wireless

You might wanna check their site out!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shoe Love

A pair of shoe can change your style. It can either make or break your 1hour prep-outfit. Take them like friends; they can support you or take you down. I just find shoes as a fashion statement that each of us should take in mind. It might be the last thing we wear before heading out but its one of the most important part of an outfit.  It takes us anywhere and it carries our body weight so might as well consider buying not only a good-looking pair of shoes but also considering its comfort. You need to feel comfortable within to look comfortable and well-esteemed on the outside. If you got a good fabulous pair of shoes with great and comfortable fit then you are surely the queen of the runway.

Aside from bags and make up, another thing I really am looking forward to collect are shoes! I love to have every style in my closet in all colors as much as possible. Its always shoes that I first look at whenever I go to malls or when I window shop online(a lot easier by the way).

 So here's my must-haves shoes that I am currently eyeing online at Dressale.

Sensational Floral-paint-print Flat Comfort Shoe
If you're looking for maximum comfort then a good pair of flat shoes is the right one for you. Since comfort is its expert, you'll only need to think for a good looking pair and well of course you also need to consider its durability. Doesn't this pair screams vacation? summer?!!!

Glorious Mid-cut Lace-up Sneakers
Want to add extra height? this cute wedge sneakers can do the trick giving that added height plus maximum comfort and style. I'd love to have a pair of this trend. Looks really edgy and cool.

Beauteous Peep Toe Stiletto Heel platform
On parties, events and formal occasions you will absolutely need a good pair of heels. Heels like this will make you stand out and will give your legs extra define shape. 

Who doesn't love shoes after all? 
Have a nice day ahead!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Music One

This was a month ago. I don't seem to have anything to post right now so I looked through some tagged photos on Facebook and saw this set of photos and I decided to share it to you guys :) We have planned this karaoke session long before this happened but time has always been the problem. We don't have the same free time and for lot more reasons its always cancelled. I just don't know how some things work really well without even planning yet when you arrange all the details and everything it just don't seem to happen. Have you tried that?

Well anyways, we went to Music One on IT Park and there we sang our hearts out. 

The place was really nice. I love the victorian theme. The moment you get inside, you'll see a very chic lobby on a cocktail party set up with big sofas, flat screen TV and a bar. The rooms are also of the same theme with mini chandeliers and colored lights. The songs are also up to date :) so everyone can really relate and find their masterpieces. The view is overlooking the It Park so it was an added point too,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pretty Summer Dresses from Kooes

Can you feel the summer heat? its smokin' hot!!! time to hit the beach babes! :D ready for summer?  don't forget to apply sunblock with high SPF protection all over your body especially your face and don't forget to bring your sunnies. Oversized ones are in especially this season, the bigger the better! Do you dare to wear bikinis? if not, then read on and check these beautiful summer dresses that you might wanna like for those who cannot flaunt their beach bods out. This is the best alternative solution for us pretty conservative girls :)

Navy outfits are a very cute style to rock this hot summer season. The royal blue dress and the white lining
 is such a wonderful combination to wear. Match it with a cute floppy hat and you are good to go girl.

Flower and grass print belt sleeveless dress
Bright florals are so in this season too. You can never go wrong with floral prints for summer. In fact, its the perfect time!

Floral suspender lady dress 
Flowy cute sleeveless dresses like this is surely a head turner and this style won't let you down this summer.

Sweet yellow and blue polka dot sleeveless dress 
Bright colors are so much fun this summer. Pair it with a cute pair of beach sandals, sunglass and cute floppy hat! :) so preppy.

skinny sleeveless long dress
I love this dress so much. It looks really boho, hippie and summer ready! I would love to rock this outfit this summer.

All items are from Kooes by the way. So chic right? Check out their site! :)


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kb Underarm Whitening Spray Review

Hello ladies! I am gonna be reviewing another product from KB.I got this one together with their Vitamin C Peeling Gel. If you haven't read my review on their Peeling Gel then you might wanna click here. I love how the gel really works. Its a total instant skin corrector. This product on the other hand is also an effective one but I find it not as good as the peeling gel. Why? read on.

Kb Underarm Whitening Spray 

Same with the Peeling Gel, I don't like the package design of this one either. This is one thing the company must look attention to. They need an attention grabber package design to attract customers.

The smell is quite difficult to explain. At first it smells a bit rusty but when you apply it on it kinda smells good naman. 

It has has a water-like consistency which I don't like. I know.. I know. Its a spray. What do I expect? but honestly I thought its like those in the market like Dove, Belo, etc. This one is literally water like. Like when you spray it on directly in your underarms it will drop off. So what I do, I spray it on my hands and then I just rub it on my underarms. I let it dry for a while before I apply my regular deo.

I don't know yet if its really effective. I'm still trying out the product but so far its good. The only thing I hate is its package, consistency (but can be handled naman) , and the fact that it still needs a deodorant contrary to what it claims. I sweat a lot and being that kind, I need a good underarm coverage. This product cannot do what my underarms require but its okay, I can top it off naman with m regular deo once its dried up. Based on the reviews I read online, its really quite effective so I am really looking forward to what this product has to give me. I have a not so good underarm condition so I hope this is the solution I have been waiting for.

The product by the way comes in 60 ml hygienic bottle.It aims to correct your underarm’s skin imperfections by improving and lightening its shade with constant use. It also prevents hair growth which for me is really true! Honestly! and it has an anti-microbial property so its a plus.

I am not sure with its exact market price but I think it plays around 1K or less. Its quite pricey but I think its a good try.

Its a good product but I cannot say yet if its effective as I am still on the process of trying it out. But if you read other reviews, you'll be really surprised as to what this product has made on them. Really convincing!

There's still a lot of things to improve on this product. But I am not giving it a low rate since I still cannot justify how effective it is. For now, this rating will do good.

Where can you get it:
For faster transactions contact  0917-847-1983 (Maricel) and 0917-580-9777 (Kristine)
Facebook -
Main Site -

KB is known for specializing in skin care which has over 10 products on its roster.  The line is popular for bringing ingredients that have knacks in cosmetic and skin care industry. As makers partnered with biggest cosmetic laboratories abroad, they always assure each user that they followed the standards set by cosmetic and soap industry.
With over hundreds of agents around the world, KB is continuously gaining clients’ trust.  

Other KB Products:  

NEW KB Rosehips 
*100 capsules, 500 mg
*FDA and HALAL-Certified
*The first pure rosehips product in the Philippines
*10 times stronger than ordinary Vitamin C

NEW KB Pure White Teeth Whitening Gel 
*2ml Instant result in 10 minutes! * It can be used  like 2-3 times. Complete with MSDS report

KB Underarm Whitening Spray 
60ml *Hygienic bottle
Underam Skin Whitening + Anti-Microbial + Less Hair growth
Absorbs in the underarms immediately

KB Whitening Lotion with SPF30
Is a skin
care line research and development by Yumeimise with a range of skin whitening and anti-aging product. KB Whitening Body Lotion uses Alpha Arbutin, super Hyaluronic Acid and Kojic Acid as the main ingredients. Contains advance skin hydrating ingredients – Super Hyaluronic acid with twice the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic acid.

KB Rotenyu Meguri
*18 sachets/ *30 grams Made in Japan * Manufactured by one of the biggest manufacturers in Japan. KB & Rotenyumeguri which is NO. 1 in Japan  tied up to produce this unique body scrub - with 4 variants - Good for softening of the skin and removal of body odor. Good combination with KB Magic Towel

KB Magic Towel
Made in Korea * a reusable "panlibag" commonly used in korean jimjilbang (spa)

*30 Tablets - For Anti- Aging, less the formation of wrinkles and prevent your pores from getting bigger. It also has whitening effect.

KB Glutathione Activator plus NAC and Rosehips
(Glutathione Activator plus NAC *500 mg *30 capsules Vitamin C Rosehips *500 mg *30 capsules HALAL certified, FDA-approved)
Cheapest Whitening Pill in the Market

KB Gold Premium Soap
*135 grams with 5 Most Powerful Active Ingredients: Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Soybean Extract and Placental Extract

KB Vitamin C Peeling Gel Skin Whitening
*100 ml - Made in Korea, for instant removal of dead skin in face and neck with a diamond peel effect 
for  face,  neck and underarm 
A gentle, medicated gel with proven keratin fighting ingredient and a unique combination of skin peeling gel and healers help soothe and protect tender skin. Also useful in relieving and keratin removal action.

KB Whitening Body Powder
A Melted Ice Cream -500 mg with solution composed of Vitamin C for Skin Whitening
Advance skin hydrating ingredients – Super Hyaluronic acid with twice the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic acid.

New Product:
KB Silver includes high dosage of alpha-arbutin while promoting safe skin lightening for all skin types. It contains alpha arbutin to highly whiten skin, hyaluronic acid to keep moisture levels and resist fine line and  wrinkles; ovary peptide from fish collagen to maximize body’s collagen for supple and firm skin; Vitamin A and C for freeing body from toxic and radicals and Vitamin E from Soybean Extract for making skin glow.

Have a Good Night!